These links are excellent resources for Holocaust-related material, from general information for parents to classroom lesson plans for teachers. Many offer information for both children and adults; however, we recommend that teachers and parents review the sites before allowing students to visit them.

Cybrary of the Holocaust This site covers a wide variety of material. Check out the links for Education, Teachers Guide, and Links.

Education Resources for Teachers and Learners This is the education section of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum site. Very comprehensive.

Holocaust Teacher Resource Center Sponsored by Holocaust Education Foundation, Inc., this site is part of the Museum of Tolerance Online Multimedia Learning Center (see below).

Museum of Tolerance Online Multimedia Learning Center: Educational Resources This is the umbrella site that includes the Holocaust Teacher Resource Center. It offers an extraordinary amount of information about Holocaust-related issues.

Royal Danish Embassy, Washington, D.C.The official site of the Danish Embassy. The "History and Culture" link provides Denmark’s view of King Christian X and his role in World War II.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center: Information Resources This link will lead you to the "Information Resources" section of the Simon Wiesenthal Center web site. The Holocaust button connects you to glossary, timeline, and bibliography links, as well as a section entitled "36 questions about the Holocaust."

Social Studies School Service: Holocaust Studies This site offers links to teacher resources and lesson plans.

A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust One of the best out there, this site was created by the University of South Florida. It offers a timeline and a list of important people related to the holocaust, as well as links to student activities and resources. Very comprehensive and easy to navigate.

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